Construction Large Art Caddie

This Large Construction Art Caddie is sure to be a hit with your budding artist. The bright and colorful construction truck exterior is coordinated with the zig-zag and polka dot interior. 

The Large Art Caddie is made to hold an 8 by 10 inch drawing pad in addition to whatever art supplies your artist desires from crayons, to colored pencils, to markers skinny or large. With a handy pocket to hold completed art work, stickers, or anything else. The Large Art Caddie is conveniently equipped with handles made for small hands to transport anywhere. The elastic and button closure make sure that it all stays in place. 

The Large Art Caddie comes pre-loaded with 6 large standard markers and one blank 8 by 10 inch drawing pad. Creativity is all that needs to be added for a fun time!!

***Please note that interior fabrics may differ slightly than what is pictures. Message with any questions.***


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