Colorful, Whimsical, Fun

kiki b omi designs products are colorfully whimsical and focus on the creative child in all of us.
The art carrier line includes crayon rolls, colored pencil rolls, art caddies, and art purses. Each carrier is created with bright and colorful fabrics and come pre-stuffed with art supplies.
The Up-Cycled Friend line consists of plants and animals that have been lovingly created partly from salvaged textiles. Each Up-Cycled friend has been fittingly named to match their personality.

I am no longer selling online, but my creations can still be found at the following brick and mortar shops: Unglued in Fargo, Doodle Bird in Minneapolis, Minnesota Makers in Robbinsdale and Excelsior, Dwell Local in Zumbrota, The Local Store in Eau Claire, Tangled Up in Hue in Eau Claire, and Dragonfly and Damsel in Spring Valley.

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